Specific Research Areas:

  • Vibration Testing
  • Development of High-Performance Vibration Isolators for Vehicle Suspensions
  • Machine Foundations
  • Earthquake Protection
  • Overhead Electrical Transmission Lines

Main Projects:

  • Vibrations Control with Magneto-rheological Dampers and Controllable Friction
  • Passive Devices with Adjustable Stiffness and Damping Characteristics for Machine Foundations and Earthquake Protection.
  • Aeolian Vibrations Control
  • Complex Automation Systems with PLC.

Deformable Media

  • Mechanical Properties of Deformable Media
  • Wave Propagation in Continuous Media
  • Failure and Fracture
  • Hysteretic Properties of Materials
  • Intelligent Materials
  • Biodynamics.


  • Mathematical models for interacting dynamic in networks. COST CA nr. 18232. 2019-2023.
    • Coordinators: dr. Rodica Ioan and dr. Ligia Munteanu

PED-2019-0973 Project Registration Code  PN-III-P2-2.1-PED-2019-0085

PED 447- 2020


  • Ultrasonic Non Destructive Testing and Evaluation (Ultrasonic NDT / NDE)
  • High Power Ultrasonics

Specific Research Areas:

  • Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Classical and Unconventional Materials
  • Thin Layers
  • Abrasive Wear Resistance
  • Biotribology of Hip Prosthesis.

Main Projects:

  • Hip Joint Prosthesis Bio-tribology
  • Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Thin Layers.

Istoria Roboticii în IMSAR

Robotica in IMSAR 01.10.2019

Consorțiu Dep. Robotică

  •  MSP – Măgurele Science Park

Istoria Roboticii în România, Editura AGIR

Specific Research Areas:  

  • Advanced Methods in Robotics
  • Genetic Algorithms and Fuzzy Logic
  • Optimal Configuration of Prehensile Systems

Main Projects:

  • Method for According of Fuzzy and Hybrid Regulators for Industrial Robots
  • Learning Navigation Strategies for Mobile and Autonomic Robots