Research infrastructure on ERRIS


  • Transducers, Amplifiers, Recorders, Sonometers
  • Digital Memory Oscilloscopes
  • Electrodynamic Vibration Exciters
  • Hydropulse SCHENCK
  • Stand for vibration testing of electrical power transmission lines
  • Data Acquisition and Processing Systems

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  • Stand for piezoceramic power transducers testing
  • Equipment for generation of high-power ultrasonic field
  • Fatigue testing facilities
  • Equipment for measuring the frequency response characteristics of piezoceramic transducers
  • Stand for evaluation of transducer exciting generators

  • Stand for experimental study of hydraulic actuation systems of industrial robots
  • Stand for experimental study of electrical actuation systems of robots
  • Stand for experimental study of compliant control of mechanisms and robots
  • Modelling, simulation and control of mechanisms and robots system
  • Facility for kinematic and dynamic parameters determination

  • Stand for uniaxial testing
  • Stand for bending testing
  • Hammer for resilience testing

  • Defectscope Krautkramer USD10, USIP-11
  • Fluke Combiscope connected to a computer
  • Thikness gauge Krautkramer CL30
  • Ultrasonic NDT transducers
  • Velleman PC Function generator k8016, and PCscopePCS500
  • Data Acquisition Board NI PC 6021and Connector Block NI BNC 2120

  • Wear testing stand
  • Micro-metallographic testing equipment