Institutul de Mecanica Solidelor al Academiei Române
Institutul de Mecanica Solidelor al Academiei Române
Institutul de Mecanica Solidelor al Academiei Române



Higher Learning

Abigail Pop

Eng. Abigail Pop, Master Student. With a master in Advanced Robotics in France, at Ecole Centrale de Nantes, and a master thesis including a scholarship in Japan for the topic ‘Robot kinematics and dynamics self-awareness’, for which neural networks, control and evolutionary algorithms have been used. She also studies human-robot…

Ana-Maria Travediu

Drd. Ana Maria Travediu, Scientific Researcher (CS). Her research is based on signal processing (voice and image), feature extraction, machine learning algorithms used for anomaly detection, deep neural networks for object detection and image classification in Matlab and Python.  She also studies human-robot interaction in order to develop and improve…

Octavian Melinte

Dr. Octavian Melinte, Scientific Researcher 3rd Grade (CS III). His research in the field of artificial intelligence is focused on developing convolutional neural networks for real-time sorting of municipal waste, detecting human emotions in the interaction with humanoid robots, monitoring the environment challenges on Danube river, developing a real-time search…

Ionel-Alexandru Gal

Dr. Ionel-Alexandru Gal, Scientific Secretary of IMSAR, Scientific Researcher 2nd Grade (CS II). He has expertise in the following areas: advanced decision algorithms using uncertain information; mobile robot control algorithms; virtual environment development; robot virtual twin in respect with Industry 4.0, 3D model design, software development using C/C++, C#, WPF,…

Victor Vlădăreanu

Dr. Victor Vlădăreanu, Scientific Director of IMSAR, Scientific Researcher 1st Grade (CS I). He has published 2 monographies, 5 book chapters, 12 ISI journal papers and 18 more ISI proceedings papers, co-authored 2 international and 6 national patents, participated in 3 international and 6 national research grants, and was the…


Coordonator: Luige Vlădăreanu. Titlul tezei: „Contribuții teoretice și experimentale privind controlul inteligent avansat al stabilității roboților pășitori antropomorfi în medii virtuale și reale”, Anul de începere: 2016. Prezentare Marius Download


Coordonator: Ligia Munteanu în cotutelă cu Nicolae-Doru STĂNESCU (Univeritatea din Pitești). Titlul tezei: „ Studii și cercetări privind dinamica rigidului suspendat elastic”. Anul de începere: 2019. Alin StanDownload

Rezultat final concurs pentru postul de director IMSAR


Rezultat etapa a 2 a de selecție dosare pentru concurs de director IMSAR


Susținere teză Oprea P. Ionel

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